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Design of UHF Band Antenna Using Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Lines and Non-Foster Circuits
이종협1․이용혁*2․최성로3․정재영*4․박용배5 Jonghyup Lee1․Yong-Hyeok Lee*2․Seongro Choi3․Jae-Young Chung*4․Yong Bae Park5
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.603-606, January, 2019
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Development of Modeling & Simulation Tool for Long Range Radar Considering Operational Environment in Time Domain
박명훈․김현승․전우중․유승기․권세웅․문현욱․이기원 Myung-Hoon Park․Hyun-Seung Kim․Woo-Joong Jeon․Seung-Ki You․ Se-Woong Kwon․Hyun-Wook Moon․Ki-Won Lee
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.591-602, January, 2019
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Measurement Method for Monostatic Radar Cross Section of a Scaled Aircraft Model in Non-Anechoic Environment
노영훈․박찬선․김기중*․장윤희**․육종관 Yeong-Hoon Noh․Chan-Sun Park․Ki-Jung Kim*․Youn-Hui Jang**․Jong-Gwan Yook
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.583-590, January, 2019
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Analysis of Micro-Motion Characteristics Caused by Maneuvering a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Acquired from X-Band Radar
강기봉․최인오․최재호․선선구*․이정수*․조병래*․박상홍**․김경태 Ki-Bong Kang․In-Oh Choi․Jae-Ho Choi․Sun-Gu Sun*․Jung-Soo Lee*․ Byung-Lae Cho*․Sang-Hong Park**․Kyung-Tae Kim
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.573-582, January, 2019
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Spectrum Deployment and Reallocation for M/W Relay Service
강 영 흥 Young-Houng Kang
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.556-565, January, 2019
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Design of Paper-Based Frequency Selective Surface with Ultra-Wideband Rejection
김호진․조성실․김윤재*․홍익표 Ho-Jin Kim․Sung-Sil Cho․Yoon-Jae Kim*․Ic-Pyo Hong
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.556-572, January, 2019
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Reconfigurable Dual-Band Circular Polarizer Design
엄 순 영․이 종 문․신 천 식 Soon-Young Eom․Jong-Moon Lee․Cheon-Sig Sin
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.549-555, January, 2019
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Simulation and Analysis of a High-Power 2.85-GHz TE10-TEM Mode Converter
김 동 우․김 택 헌*․오 순 수 Dong-Woo Kim․Taek-Heon Kim*․Soon-Soo Oh
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.542-548, January, 2019
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Non-Foster Circuit Design for Broadband Matching and Receiver Power Enhancement of Electrically Small Antennas
이 용 혁․정 재 영 Yong-Hyeok Lee․Jae-Young Chung
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.533-541, January, 2019
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Analysis of Radio Frequency Allocation and Utilization Plan for Private Network Using Local 5G and Regional Broadband Wireless Access(BWA) in Japan
박 덕 규․김 영 수* Duk-Kyu Park․Young Soo Kim*
JKIEES, vol. 30, no. 7, pp.523-532, January, 2019
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