JKIEES, a monthly journal in Korean, is published by the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science. The journal covers all aspects of researches and technology related to electromagnetics. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions in electromagnetics area.

Antennas: planar (microstrip antenna etc.)
Antennas: 3-Dimensional
Passive circuits and components: filters
Passive circuits and components: other than filters
Active circuits and components: amplifiers
Active circuits and components: mixers and oscillators
Wireless communication theory and systems
Communication signal processing
Radio resource management and policy
Electromagnetic environment
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electromagnetic wave absorbing material
Electromagnetic field theory and numerical analysis
Radar and system applications
Electromagnetic wave scattering and imaging
Ikmo Park
(Ajou University, Korea)

CURRENT ISSUE : Vol. 29, No. 4, April, 2018
빆怨듭슜 珥덇킅뿭 쉶쟾 諛⑺뼢 깘吏 븞뀒굹 꽕怨 諛 젣옉
源吏씎ㅼ쑀솉洹졻ㅻ컯쁺二쇄ㅼ씠蹂묐궓 Jeeheung Kim짩ongkyun Ryu쨃oung-Ju Park짟yungnam Lee
諛由щ명꽣뙆(W 諛대뱶) 깘깋湲곗슜 FMCW SAR 쁺긽쓽 2李⑥썝 뿏듃濡쒗뵾理쒖냼 옄룞 珥덉젏 湲곕쾿
諛뺤옱쁽ㅼ쟾二쇳솚*ㅼ씠쁺以*ㅼ넚꽦李** Jaehyun Park짫oohwan Chun*짩yukjung Lee*짻ungchan Song**
鍮꾩꽑삎 HPA 솚寃쎌쓣 怨좊젮븳 4D-8PSK-TCM 떆뒪뀥쓽 꽕怨 諛 遺꾩꽍
쑄옱쁺ㅼ쑀듅삤ㅼ씠룞二쇄ㅼ삁꽦쁺 Jae-Hyuk Yoon짻eung-Oh Yoo짣ong-Ju Lee짻ung-Hyuck Ye