JKIEES, a monthly journal in Korean, is published by the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science. The journal covers all aspects of researches and technology related to electromagnetics. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions in electromagnetics area.

Antennas: planar (microstrip antenna etc.)
Antennas: 3-Dimensional
Passive circuits and components: filters
Passive circuits and components: other than filters
Active circuits and components: amplifiers
Active circuits and components: mixers and oscillators
Wireless communication theory and systems
Communication signal processing
Radio resource management and policy
Electromagnetic environment
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electromagnetic wave absorbing material
Electromagnetic field theory and numerical analysis
Radar and system applications
Electromagnetic wave scattering and imaging
Ikmo Park
(Ajou University, Korea)

CURRENT ISSUE : Vol. 30, No. 10, October, 2019
65-nm CMOS 怨듭젙쓣 씠슜븳 MOM 罹먰뙣떆꽣 꽕怨 諛 遺꾩꽍
諛 愿 썝1ㅼ쟾 긽 洹*2 Kwangwon Park1짻anggeun Jeon*2
FR-4 PCB뿉 援ы쁽븳 媛삎 24 GHz 젅씠떎 떆뒪뀥
씠슜꽍ㅼ떊誘쇨굔ㅺ以꽦ㅻ컯옱쁽ㅼ젙吏꾩슦ㅺ蹂묒꽦 Yong-Seok Lee짳in-Geon Sin짫un-Seong Kim짫ae-Hyun Park짫in Woo Jung짟yung-Sung Kim
M&S 湲곕쾿쓣 넻븳 젅씠떎 긽샇 媛 쟾뙆 媛꾩꽠 遺꾩꽍
諛뺣챸썕ㅺ텒꽭썒ㅼ쟾슦以묅ㅺ쁽듅ㅼ쑀듅湲겸ㅼ씠湲곗썝 Myung-Hoon Park짻e-Woong Kwon쨁oo-Joong Jeon짩yun-Seung Kim짻eung-Ki You짮i-Won Lee