JKIEES, a monthly journal in Korean, is published by the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science. The journal covers all aspects of researches and technology related to electromagnetics. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions in electromagnetics area.

Antennas: planar (microstrip antenna etc.)
Antennas: 3-Dimensional
Passive circuits and components: filters
Passive circuits and components: other than filters
Active circuits and components: amplifiers
Active circuits and components: mixers and oscillators
Wireless communication theory and systems
Communication signal processing
Radio resource management and policy
Electromagnetic environment
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electromagnetic wave absorbing material
Electromagnetic field theory and numerical analysis
Radar and system applications
Electromagnetic wave scattering and imaging
Ikmo Park
(Ajou University, Korea)

CURRENT ISSUE : Vol. 30, No. 2, January, 2019
뒪罹 쁺긽 湲곕컲쓽 諛由щ명꽣뙆(Ka 諛대뱶) 蹂듯빀紐⑤뱶 깘깋湲 몴쟻씤떇 븣怨좊━利 뿰援
끂 寃 븘1ㅼ젙 以 쁺2ㅼ넚 꽦 李3 Kyung A Roh1짫un Young Jung2짻ung Chan Song3
궙 젙옱뙆鍮꾩 궫엯넀떎쓣 媛뽯뒗 諛由щ명꽣뙆(Ka 諛대뱶) 蹂듯빀紐⑤뱶 깘깋湲곗슜 2-異 룄뙆愿 濡쒗꽣由 議곗씤듃 꽕怨 諛 젣옉
넚꽦李1ㅼ쑀꽦猷*2ㅼ엫二쇳쁽3ㅼ젙슜씤3 Sung-Chan Song1짻ung-Ryong Yoo*2짫u-Hyun Lim3쨃ong-In Jung3
FMCW MIMO 젅씠떎瑜 씠슜븳 嫄곕━-媛곷룄 룞떆 異붿젙 湲곕쾿
源 젙 썕1ㅼ넚 꽦 李*2ㅼ쟾 二 솚3 Junghoon Kim1짻ungchan Song*2짫oohwan Chun3